Farhad O’Neill -
Visual Artist

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Radio Interview: CBC Radio

CBC Radio Interview with Andy Barry on the Metro Morning show a few years ago talking about Art and Artists and the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto. My thanks to Andy and Ann MacKeigan - Jason Osler and everyone on Elm Street.

Radio Interview: Tunis International Radio

Radio interview with Tunis International Radio in August 2005. My thanks to Peter and Imed and Ines - Thameur and Rim - Abir and Ali and Sofienne and all the people in Tunis who were involved in the mural project there!

Performance with the Canadian Electronic Ensemble, Arts & Letters Club of Toronto

Playing with the Canadian Electronic Ensemble!

Arts Extra Interview (Tale of Three Houses) 11-12-2002

BBC Radio Ulster Herald of Jericho Interview with Deirdre Mackel

Sept 8 2009 Solo Opening speech Elm Street